Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the Paso Road---again! Part 1

Part 1:  Food------and "some" wine
This trip started as most....with my pouring all day Sunday at EPOCH ESTATE'S TASTING ROOM on Historic York Mountain.....and WHAT a day it was.  Aside from the great wines and people that come in (and my being able to sip all day)....I made more new friends....really the best part of the whole wine experience every time I have the pleasure to pour Epoch for others.....the day goes fast....and's dinner time!

Roberts Restaurant in Paso is relatively new....only our second time there (and certainly we will be increasing that number)'s simply:  WONDERFUL!  And Heather, our couldn't just ask for anyone more attentive or nicer.  And did I say the food was pretty good too?
Especially....the crab cakes---if you are a crab cake MUST try them.  And..the macadamia crusted halibut?  Ohhhhhhh..... succulent, juicy, melts in your mouth.   Then for dessert.....the chocolate ain't half's devilishly's a sin..especially if you are a chocoholic (which resembles the writer).

And any great meal (with friends Ethan and Rebecca...and my sister and brother in law whom I finally got to Paso)...must be accompanied by special wines:
Starting with a Herman Story On The Road (appropriate since we are on the road)...a 2009 Grenache...fruity, long finish, well balanced....and just another great Story wine!
followed by a Bevan Cellars 2009 Ontogeny (OK...yes...once in awhile I break away from Paso for an exceptional Bordeaux blend which Ontogeny is...out of Santa Rosa).  And, if you have never had the pleasure of a Russel Bevan have missed out.
Get your hands on will NOT be disappointed.

Monday night:
Addie from Epoch asked if we would like to join their Monday night group at Thomas Hill Organics....for a pre-set 5 course meal....and lots of wine.  Yes...we all brought wine...and WHAT a night this was!  And.....what a menu,  starting with
Ahi tuna poke.....a generous serving...and O!  SO! Yummmmmy!
Course #2 was an orange, avocado and baby octopus salad!  How creative...and succulent.

......of was flowing...but let's talk about the food first!
Following the salad......the hugest (is that a word?) prawns I have ever seen.....tasting full flavored and as good as they looked....

And then...course #4....the main course!  Luau pork sliders with...well...I'll let the picture tell the story...and even though I am not a meat eater...I just couldn't let this go by...yes....I have been known to make exceptions.....
and for dessert...a light, palate cleansing coconut panna cotta...

Count me as a FAN of THOMAS HILL ORGANICS!!!

Of course...with all the industry people there, there was plenty of wonderful wine to go around for the 12 of us

Pouring upon arrival
Laetitia '07 Cuvee M bubbly to get us in the mood  as everyone arrived.
......then moving on through the evening with:
Booker '09 Vertigo...and incredible, Paso GSM blend.  Big, huge, fruity, lingering...WOW!
Delta Vineyard '07 Pinot Noir (New Zealand)--a wonderful, light, fragrant pinot.  Thank you Glenn for the introduction to a NZ Pinot!
moving right along.....
San Leige '09 The Offering (GSM with a hint of viognier)
Denner '09 Mouvedre  
Brian Benson '08 Glenrose Syrah
Cerro prieto '07 Paso bordo (an 85% cab 15% syrah blend)
Tolosa '08 Syrah
Carina Cellars '08 Clairvoyant GSM
Obviously, LOTS of wonderful wines gracing the table.....willing and ready for anyone and everyone to sip and enjoy and explore.  (And...for a complete description of just need to try them all)!

The wines as varied, complex, layered, interesting, fun and wonderful and was the company around the table! Good food, good wine, lots of laughter....and the most important and best ingredient of all:  THE PEOPLE!  (and, our server Robin...wonderful, attentive, cheerful.....putting up with us..and sipping along too)!

I would like to add a SPECIAL THANK Addie.......for including us!  I hope this will be the first of many Monday nights (when we are in Paso), around the table at THO, wineing and dining and laughing with the wonderful Paso Wine People.

Part 2 will follow:  It's about the wine!

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