Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ahhhhhh.  It's been toooooo long.  Finally:  BACK IN PASO AGAIN!  (Wouldn't that make a great song title?).  Just a short, quick trip....but certainly memorable.  So...I'll make this a short blog!

Friday Afternoon:  Arriving mid afternoon.....we immediately went up to Daou.  Seeing Daniel who poured us some special wines....including the newly bottled Zin and 1740 (see my Cellartracker review) that we had barrel tasted at our wine and pizza night (my March 4th blog).  Daniel is truly a wine magician---In addition to being just the nicest person you would ever want to meet.

On our way to Cambria....stopping at Epoch's tasting room...trying the newly released 2009's and visiting with Stephanie, Christina and meeting the "new" Epoch "girls."  It's always an epic experience drinking Epoch!  And.....a little different for me this time.....being poured for!

Friday night.....meeting friends Rebecca and Ethan for dinner at Indigo Moon in Cambria.  Yes...the dinner was  amazing...but it was the WINES that made the evening!  A dinner planned months ago.....when Ethan said:  You bring a good Saxum, I'll bring a good Alban.  Oh YES!  Ethan and Rebecca's 2006 Alban Reva---a 100% match Robert Parker's 100 point rating!  All I can say is:  THIS wine knocks your socks off!  Tasting understand what Syrah is all about.

And our contribution:  Saxum 2008 James Berry....a G(52%)S(17%)M(13%).  A 98 point Parker wine.  Fruity and complex....and drinking that side by side with the Alban....what a wonderful comparison of two great wines. evening of liquid and edible Nirvana.

Saturday...spent at the Earth Day Wine and Food festival at Pomar Junction.  Fun with Ethan, Rebecca and their friends Nancy and Jay and Dee Dee and Mike.  Even though the temperature topped out at 97degrees---making it really too hot to drink or eat (too) was just a great day of good food, wine and (new) friends!

First off, a stop at Caliza.....seeing our friends Pam and Carl Bowker.  Sipping their wines....and of course getting some Kissin Cousins....summer is on the way....and this is just one of the most pleasant white's you can imagine....except before you know'll drink the whole bottle!

Then...A NEW winemaker for us!  Nick Elliott of NICORA.  Sampling Nick's FIRST releases:  Euphoric and Buxom.  Euphoric certainly is....with 85% Grenache and the balance of Syrah.  Fruity, flavorful, tantalizing.  And Buxom!  Well..if you love Buxom :)  ...this will get you where you want to go.  90% Syrah from the Alta Colina Vineyard.....huge, chewy, a great mouthful of what a big Paso Syrah should be.

Yep....that's Nick.....and I don't think that grin ever leaves his face!

The bottom line here:  WATCH out for this winemaker!  Nick is definitely one of the new Paso young up and coming very talented winemakers.  Get his wines..and watch him.  You're going to be reading headlines.

Spent the rest of the afternoon helping Lynn Tillman of Alta Colina in the tasting room (while MY Lynn was off supporting the local economy).  Maggie was off in Thailand, and Bob was holed up figuring out his next barrel order. So I was given the pleasure of pouring some wonderful wines (my personal favorite is Alta Colina's Toasted Slope Syrah),  meeting some great people (as I always do when I pour)....learning more about Alta Colina and their story.  And glad to be able to do a little pouring, sipping, talking and enjoying the Paso experience.

Dinner that night at Thomas Hill Organics. OMG!!!!!!  The open faced duck sandwich with pecorino...was unbelievable.  As "they" say (whomever "they" are):  To Die For!  What a creative chef...and wonderful staff.

Like I said...just a quick trip....visiting good wine, good friends, making new friends, more wine, good food....and then back home on Monday.  It seems the weeks don't have enough days or the year enough months to fit in all that we want to do in Paso!  But...maybe that's a good thing....we always have something special to look forward to.

Until my next blog...which may be about Paso, or just a good glass of wine....
To YOUR health!
And please....pass on my me ( love hearing from you.

A Votre Sante!

I am beauty and love;

I am friendship, the comforter;

I am that which forgives and forgets.

The Spirit of Wine.
W.E. Henley, British writer (1849-1903)

Friday, April 6, 2012


Wine gets better with age...I get better with wine...and good friends like you make the
wine even better.

As we are commanded to drink 4 glasses of wine at our Passover Seder
following is our PASOver lineup

Wishing for peace, health and happiness
and cherishing our friends and family