Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! Sipping in the New Yeart

New Year's Eve....2011...sipping in 2012.....with great friends, and great food and of course....great wine...
Just a starter at home....prior to dinner....opening a bottle of:

BEVAN CELLARS 2010 SAUVIGNON BLANC.  WHAT a fine sauvignon....NOT what you would normally expect from sauvignon Blanc, which is what makes Russel's wine soooooo unique.  A hint of grapefruit, giving way to guava, mango, pineapple and tropical fruits....a delectable nose and a finish that is subtle, changing long lasting and lingering.  Easy on the pallet....reminding you of a nice tropical afternoon, laying under the palm trees, a light breeze blowing...enjoying the nuances of tropical smells as you relax and let your mind drift................ to ROY'S for a 4 course New Year's dinner.  Suffice to, service, ambiance was excellent!  A special New Year's menu prepared by chef Jason Moffitt.   None of the typical New Years hustle and bustle and mediocrity you are accustomed to at a restaurant on New Years.  Great service as always, excellent food, personable servers, and just a great dining experience.  Well thought out prixe fixe menu with several creative choices for appetizers, soup or salad, entree (I had the giant tiger prawns..ohhhh sooo yummy...while the others in our party opted for a steak or lamb) and dessert........Just a wonderful way to spend New Years with good friends and food.......accompanied with a bottle of Harlan Estates:
2001 Harlan - The Maiden 
Subtle and sexy......a wonderful nose of chocolate, and berries.....smooth and seductive, this case the picture (above) is worth 1000 words to describe this delectable treat.  Teasing, changing, sexy, sophisticated....Thank you Brad and MB for sharing this gem for New Year.

Finishing The Maiden....we then moved on to Epoch's 2008 Block B Syrah!  DARK...with a nose that hits you in the face.  THIS was the 4th of July---fireworks in your mouth. Nothing subtle here.....dark fruits, blackberry, spicy, a major fruit bomb (or maybe just an explosion of firecrackers) going off in your mouth... Chewy---almost a small sensual earthquake taking place......again...with a finish that just didn't want to quit.

2008 Epoch - Syrah Block B

Two exceptional and exceptionally different wines.  The only thing making it better was the company.

A perfect New Years Eve to usher in 2012.  Food, wine, friends, laughter......
and then, waking up January 1st to a beautiful Southern California Sunny Day....

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  Wishing you good health, wine and your heart's desires....

don and lynn and friends

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