Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CAVE KAYAKING..Life outside of Wine!

I just discovered...there IS life outside of wine!  Come on along on our Cave Kayaking tour.....July 14th, Santa Cruz Island:  Left from Ventura harbor about 9:00am.....arrived the island about 10:00am.....set up and orientation...then hit the water about 11:00am....Pretty stiff breeze made some of the paddling challenging but fun!  4 hours on the water.....back on land exhausted about 3:00pm....lunch and then the 4:00pm ferry back to Ventura.  AMAZING water clarity....some of the caves really deep....dark...and then you get that surge and wave to push you through a smallll opening....enjoy the pics....ANYONE WANT TO SIGN UP FOR NEXT YEAR?
Amy....our AMAZING guide!  Geologist, Naturalist
she tuned into us and really gave us a great long afternoon

 Hey..someone actually got the picture taker in!
 Getting ready to go on thru
 That's better..a little deeper and darker
 The clarity is amazing...seafloor covered with urchins
 Inside looking out
 Just hanging out
 OK....NOW we are in a CAVE
 Bats anyone?  Nope..just Cormorants
 Blue water
 Think Heather had fun?
 And Steve and Dina
 On the beach

Leon and Jay
 NOT for claustrophobics....

Ventura Harbor Welcome Back Committee

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