Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Tonight I needed a special wine....for a special event!
No, it wasn't an anniversary
No, it wasn't a birthday
In wasn't anything out of the ordinary....except that
Enough of a reason to open a good bottle of wine...

Which turned out to be:  Caliza, 2006 Companion.

And....sipping this wonderful blend of Cabernet, Syrah, Mouvedre and Tannat took me back in time a few years.

I first met Carl and Pam when they started bottling their initial release---the 2006 vintage!  The bottling machine had jammed, Carl, to say the least, was not happy.

Much has changed since then.  Caliza has emerged as one of the premier wineries in Paso Robles, if not California (in my humble opinion).  But....more than that, Caliza burst forth on the Paso wine scene with their initial release, along with several other wineries that have all become world class.

What made tonight a special night while sipping this special wine?  Thinking how fortunate I have been to be involved with so many of these wineries.  Meeting the winemakers, making new friends, sipping wine with them, pouring for them, .....and watching as the wine community began to recognize Paso Robles as a very serious and special wine producing area.

I could say more, but I prefer to let the picture fill in the next 1000 words.  A toast to Carl and Pam of Caliza......and to all the very special wineries, winemakers and friends we have made through Paso wines, that we are fortunate to have in our lives....


And....a special thanks (and additional toast) to all the winemakers and wine lovers who have posted my blogs to their websites, forwarded my blog, and commented.  It is much appreciated.


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