Sunday, March 4, 2012

A wineDAOUfull night!

What could be better....
than an evening spent with Daniel and Robin Daou...and a group of Pasofiles.....sharing an incredible elite assortment of wines....from Paso, Napa and France?

Daniel and Matt
"OMG!  I can't believe Daniel Daou is in MY backyard!"

Just some of tonight's wines!

An evening of gourmet pizzas from my daughter and son-in-law's (AKA Dana and Matt's) outdoor pizza oven!  Truly, nowhere can you get pizza better than from the Saly Cortile Cucina!  (Also known as:  Their backyard pizza kitchen)----where chefs Dana and Matt create the most delectable gourmet pizzas ever to grace your senses---move over Wolfgang---there's a new pizza maven in town!

Around the pizza oven!

Now, For My Blog Job:  How do I (somewhat briefly) describe the many fine wines we enjoyed and shared last night?

First...and foremost...were the STARS of  the evening (and the stars were out brightly on this late winter night---with temperatures dipping into the low 60's):

Two not yet bottled DAOU delights:

Starting with:  Daniel's first Estate Zinfandel Reserve--2010.  And trust me...this isn't like any Zinfandel that you have ever swirled, sniffed, sipped, savored or swallowed!  Soft and bite....soft tannins, wonderfully balanced.....drink with food or sip on it's own.  But be aware:  This ain't no kid's Zin!  This is a Zinfandel to be reckoned with---with the layers of fruit and subtleties teasing their way through your palate and memory, long after that first sip.  Dare I say, my wife couldn't get enough of it!

The next preview wine from Daniel's new line up:  The 2010 Daou 1740.  Named after the 1740 Spanish Mission bell in Daou's tasting room...this St. Emillion style blend of 33% Merlot and 67% Cabernet Franc is nothing short of  AMAZING!  Sexy, seductive and silky---well balanced---a finish that goes on and on. Ever evolving hints of  raspberry, plum, some earthiness---and yes....suddenly hints of butterscotch on the nose.  Ageable yet drinkable now.....we all agreed:  THIS was a wine like no other any of us had ever had the pleasure of experiencing before.

And another Daou favorite:  Daou's 2009 Celestus.  Daniel's yummy blend of Syrah (61%), Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Verdot.  Dark and aromatic....definitely pleasing to the taste buds of those who enjoy a yummy,chewy..yet subtle and seductive wine.
You could say...the Celestus is celestial! the pizzas kept coming out of the oven.....the "other" spectacular wines of the evening, each one of them unique, were sipped and enjoyed by all:

Saving a special wine for the last several years, for the right occasion and the right people...this was the night to open and share a 2006 Close des Papes Chateauneuf -du- Pape. A classic French wine. was everything that the reviews held it up to be.  Dark and fruity...raspberry...floral....a hint of cocoa and earthiness....the finish lingers on the palate.  "One of the two or three candidates for wine of the vintage" as described by Robert Parker.....Thank you Mike for sharing your elite colletible bottle with us!

Clos des Papes Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge 2006

Giving proper recognition to the area that put California on the world wine map.....there were some incredible Napa Cabs shared:

Robin, Pamela, Ellen and Lynn
having a winederful evening!

Do you remember what were you were doing in 1986, as the harvest was being picked in Napa?  Probably not thinking about wine...or what you would drink 26 years later.  We have become spoiled by Paul's collectible gems...a 1986 Shafer Stag's Leap Napa Cabernet!  To think...a quarter of a century old!  So interesting, to have the pleasure to taste a much older Cabernet---and compare how they differ and have evolved from the younger cabs most of us drink today.  This fine unique one of a kind wine....something you will never have the opportunity to taste--unless of course, you are part of our group!  An earthy, leathery nose...herbal and smokey...with a subtle jamminess and layers develop as the finish teases and challenges your senses.

Then came the Chimney Rock Kairos Vineyard 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon.  Fragrant nose, full, fruity, subtle....with a lingering finish, typical of what we expect from a select Napa Cab.

as was the 2006 Cosentino Estate Oakville Cabernet.  Full, rich and jammy....fragrant, with a silky finish, exemplifying the best of what Napa is known for.

Being in need of yet more wine...Matt pulled from his cellar a 2008 Caliza Companion---a wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Tempranillo that Carl and Pam Bowker lovingly crafted.  Proving without a doubt that the Winemaker's craft can weave different varietals into a wonderful, tasty, tantalizing liquid tapestry.

And finally, to finish off the evening....pure, liquid gold...or "the honey" as Bob Tillman refers to his
2010 Alta Colina Late Harvest Viognier.  Not ultra sweet, thick and syrupy as many "dessert" wines are...but soft...and "just" sweet enough.  In fact, who needs dessert when you have THIS as dessert!
Bob's sweety!

The evening wore, wine and friendships woven together by the common theme of wine.  "They" say that wine is made in the vineyard....but, I think... wine is made by the passion of those who put their life, love and personality into the bottle along with their beautiful juice.....and then are gracious enough to share it with others.

Lynn...."just one more sip of  Celestus!"

If the Wine of the Vintage was the 2006 Chateauneuf des Papes....the WINE OF THE NIGHT.....was WITHOUT question... Daniel Daou's soon to be released 1740!

Thank you Daniel and Robin for joining us for this evening-----I speak for all of us:  Dana, Matt, Kerry, Bob, John, Cathy, Paul, Ellen, Mike, Pamela, Lynn, Brian and even Murphy (the dog).....
For making this a night to cherish and remember:
Matt, Dana, Me, Daniel, Bob


AND...such was the night...a night of Wine, Friendship, Laughter.....with our "extended" wine group....graced by the presence of  friend, winery owner and master winemaker Daniel Daou along with his delightful wife Robin.  A night to be cherished.....and to linger in the memory as a fine wine lingers on the palate.

Until next time...may you have all the best of health and happiness
while sipping and sharing a bottle of love with others.


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