Wednesday, November 16, 2011


If a picture is worth 1000 words....than 14 pictures are worth 14,000 words!  WHAT can be said about another incredible trip to Paso....THE California Wine Country!  Talented and friendly winemakers and winery owners displaying their love, passion and produce YUMMY and creative and share food, laughter and wine with.

And with my weekend starting by pouring at EPOCH ESTATE VINEYARD'S Tasting Room, surrounded by these gorgeous KNOW it's going to be a winederful weekend...
Pouring and sipping...and listening to music at the Paderewski Fest...with my wife and new friends
THEN....the next day...let the tasting begin...with the ALWAYS gracious and wonderful Lynne Teckman and her delicious and palate pleasing Per Cazo wines....where nothing is ever left to chance (per cazo meaning "by chance")
Followed by our visit to Carl at Caliza---meeting some new old friends----it's been way too long since we were there
And....after that most educational vineyard tour several months ago...we HAD to take our friends to meet and sip with Bob Tillman of Alta Colina...another of Paso's elite rising stars

Then, up the road a bit for our visit to L'Aventure....where we received a royal tasting hosted by Robert....and a peek into their wine future.....and we'll never tell what is IN that Booty Barrel....but trust'll want some!
As all good things must come to an end....the last tasting of our 3-1/2 days.....Tuesday morning before heading Daniel Daou's new...up above the clouds tasting room at the top of Daou Mountain.....with THE most panoramic view of Paso and it's magical vineyards and fields......Daniel being the consummate Frenchman and host....passionate, humorous, gallant---and another irreplaceable new friend....

The fall colors were amazing
We even had time to visit the elephant seals north of San Simeon...
AND had the WORLD'S BEST LOBSTER Indigo Moon in Cambria

The ONLY problem being:  WHERE to put the luggage for our drive back home!

WHAT makes our Paso trips best?  Is it the wines?  The ambiance? The new friendships we have established with winemakers and other wine lovers like ourselves?  The beautiful scenery?  The food?....
All of it combined...where the parts equal more than the whole....for another winederful trip
Putting a perennial smile of contentment on all of our faces

Until next time.....

Cheers....drink good wine with good friends---because that IS what it is all about
Life is Good


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  1. You and Lynn certainly made the most of your Paso getaway. Thanks for sharing your memories. Your final line says it all - Good wine with good friends, glad I could share a glass (or two) with you. Cheers!