Thursday, September 22, 2011



Oh...but it IS! (an Anomaly that is).

I make no apology for my preference and prejudice for just about anything it one of the select Paso Bordeaux producers or be it the incredible mouth watering, complex, layered fruit bomb Rhones that Paso is garnering a worldwide reputation for producing (not to mention scores that are knocking the !*%#! out of their Northern Cousins).

However, once in awhile...a Napa secret is born and discovered....a superstar that doesn't rely on a long standing geographical or varietal reputation...but one that is blazing new frontiers and setting a new bar of excellence, expectation and elegance.

Such is Steve Goldfarb's ANOMALY VINEYARDS Cabernet.  And the quality and WOW factor here is certainly no anomaly.

Just having opened a bottle of the 2003---I have to say that this bottle....compared to other Napa Cabs I have tried...just sets a new standard.  The subtle fragrances build as the bouquet of black fruits, cherry, plum gather force.  Then, that first sip.....makes a statement!  Fruit forward...forceful yet with a seamless and bright elegance and sophistication....that teases you and just stops short of exploding into fireworks.  Subtle, sexy and seductive as you would expect a cab to be from Napa....yet tantalizing with black fruits, a slight tartness, with great balance and a hint of earthiness and layers of flavors that keep changing.  A finish that slowly lingers on as your mind tries to grasp that last nuances of flavor.  And are left with a memory to recapture...or if lucky enough....another small pour.

Sipped with an incredible meal, with sister and brother in a birthday celebration...makes it even more special.

This is NOT your old-timers Cabernet! a STATEMENT of what Napa cabs could be when you dare to push the envelope on the old tried and true.....

Anomaly may be somewhat of a newcomer to the Napa scene......but....they have definitely made a statement, have created an elite place for themselves, and have a loyal following.

Try a bottle and see for yourself......become a believer.


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