Friday, March 4, 2011

Paso in L.A.

My thanks to Kevin Jones of L A Cellars for the invite tonight to taste Carl Bowker's wonderful Paso wines down here in SoCal.  If you have seen the recent Wine Spectator, Carl, winemaker extraordinaire and owner of Caliza, was one of a handful of elite winemakers featured.  As the evening started out with a small, intimate group, we were all "Kissin' Cousins."  As more people came and met, everyone seemed to find a "Sidekick," and after a few glasses there were actually two "Azimuths" you could distinguish......winding up with a very nice "Companion."  Caliza is one of several exciting, relatively new wineries that is changing the shape and reputation of Paso Robles.....helping to turn this former cow town and hangout for US Army summer camp attendees (yes...yours truly included) into a world class wine destination.  A nice way to start the weekend with a sip of Paso...

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